Protecting Information

Qualification Process
We deliver this distance learning qualification online through our website. All the work is online and is available to access at any time once the registration process is complete.

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This bespoke course was created and developed by an experienced businessman who has worked for many years in the data security industry.
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Key points and features of the course:

  • What legislation applies to your organisation
  • Your rights and responsibilities
  • Adults Advance Practice
  • How well is your organisation complying with the legislation?
  • Is your organisation at risk from a security breach or loss of personal information?
The estimated cost of a Company security breach tops £25,0000.

The average cost of a large organisation’s worst security breach in the past year was between £11,0000 and £25,0000, according to the 2012 UK information security survey compiled by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

For small business, the figure was £15,000 to £30,000.

The Information Commissioner (ICO) has imposed penalties totalling £1.17 Million on organisations for breaches of the Data Protection Act. Source "Axway".

Answers to the following questions will be provided:
  • Do your employees know how to respond to a subject access request?
  • Do you keep customer data secure?
  • Do you employ electronic marketing – do you use cookies?
  • If you are a public authority – do you have a model publication scheme?
The latest statistics on identity theft were reported in October 2010 by the National Fraud Authority (NFA). The annual cost of identity theft was estimated at £2.7 Billion and affected more than 1.8 Million people.

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