QCF Vocational Training

The Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) is a flexible way to gain qualifications by completing learning in small chunks called units. Units combine to form larger qualifications such as certificates and diplomas and can be transferred between related qualifications.  

Though Opps can deliver any combination of units from the QCF courses we offer, we typically provide the competency based qualifications (sometimes called NVQs), as these are available to employers at no or at little cost to themselves through government funding schemes. More importantly they are a great form of training for staff.

The QCF competency qualifications formally recognise the skills and experience of employees whilst developing new work place skills and enhancing existing ones.

Participants gain confidence by receiving a qualification for the skills and experience they have gained over the years. Motivation is increased through the opportunity to reflect on their role and the work they do. Essential work skills are reviewed and developed where necessary to bring them up to a consistently high standard and new practices are taught, ensuring your staff work in the most effective way possible.

NVQ Training

Our competency based QCF courses consists of a number of units covering different topics which can be selected according to the needs of the company and individual. Training is provided by a skilled assessor who will have a deep understanding of the requirements of the learner's role. Training is delivered on a one to one basis, in a workshop or through a combination of the two.

The ‘level’ of a qualification determines the depth of understanding and experience required to complete the course. Opps has developed a very successful approach in supporting candidates to gain their qualification in a target time of four months for a level 2 and six months for a level 3. The relatively short timescale requires commitment on the part of the learner but our experience shows that candidates enjoy the process of gaining their qualification much more by achieving it quickly.

QCF Training may be fully funded or subsidised by government funding. Please contact us for further information.