Cleaning and Support Services

Our Apprenticeship programs last approximately 6-9 months and consist of three parts: a technical certificate, a competency based qualification and functional skills.


The technical certificate is a knowledge based qualification assessed through an external test which assists the apprentice in understanding the principles of their profession.

Functional skills cover mathematics, to assist the apprentice in problem solving, and English speaking, listening and written communication, boosting confidence and personal effectiveness. 

The competency element is a work based qualification ensuring that the apprentice is working at a consistently high standard in their day to day work life and provides targeted training where they are not.


Training is delivered depending on the individual needs of the organisation and the Apprentice.

The apprentice will usually meet with their tutor for a minimum of two hours, every 2-4 weeks. Typically the technical certificate and functional skills are completed first and the competency based qualification second, building on the knowledge base.

Training methods involve learning in a workshop environment with other Apprentices, one to one sessions with the tutor and blended learning where the apprentice completes learning through project based workbooks, reflective statements and similar.

For information on our methods of delivery or any other aspect of the course please contact us.


The competency element of the Intermediate Apprenticeship in Cleaning and Support Services covers a variety of topics from which to focus learning in. A total of nine are completed from a list of 21 which includes topics such as:

  • Communicate effectively with customers and others
  • Clean and maintain internal surfaces and areas
  • Clean and maintain external surfaces and areas
  • Clean high risk areas
  • Clean food areas
  • Deep clean equipment and surfaces
  • Clean, maintain and protect hard floors
  • Apply Risk Assessment to Customer Service
  • Carry out maintenance and minor repairs

Opps is also able to deliver the Advanced Apprenticeship in Cleaning and Support Services.