Advanced Apprenticeship in Management with Opps

Melanie completed her advanced apprenticeship in management with Opps Training recently. Find out what she had to say about why she chose to do the course and how it has helped her career.

“I applied for the advanced apprenticeship in management course with OPPS to help progress my career and add accreditation to my professional career as it was different to what I had studied at college. The course content enabled me to continue my normal job and using what experience and knowledge I had as a base and with extra learning and support with my tutor and through resources I was able to complete the modules throughout the course.

The experience of learning with my tutor was an easy and enjoyable experience. My tutor was always there for support, help and someone I could openly talk to about the modules about what I was learning and how I was using them in my role. I was able to talk in confidence about the problems I faced in my role and the content I learnt on the course helped resolve these and I was able to resolve these with a new perspective. The course has helped me develop as a person and also within our company to a more senior role within the business. I would recommend my tutor and OPPS to anyone looking to develop their career or gain an apprenticeship.”


Find out more about the advanced apprenticeship in management course and if it’s right for you by clicking here.


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